Google settlement underscores Illinois

ILLINOIS (WAND) - Illinoisans could soon get their hands on cash in a class action lawsuit settlement against Google.

NBC Chicago reports the company was accused of violating an Illinois privacy law.

The state claims Google did not follow the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by "collecting and storing biometric data of individuals who,

While residing in Illinois, appeared in a photograph in the photograph sharing and storage service known as Google Photos, without proper notice and consent."

Eligible residents can now file claims after a settlement agreement was reached earlier in 2021.

Residents are eligible for a payment if, "at any time between May 1, 2015 and April 25, 2022, you appeared in a photograph in Google Photos while you were an Illinois resident."

Claims can be submitted here. Eligible residents have through Sept. 24 to submit a claim, and all claims must be sent in by this deadline to be eligible for a payment.

An Aug. 10 deadline is set up for people wanting to object or exclude themselves from the settlement. A final approval hearing will happen on Sept. 28.

The settlement fund totals about $100 million, the station reports, once court fees, costs and expenses are taken out. It's unclear how much each eligible person will receive.

Google did not immediately reply when NBC Chicago reached out for a comment. It has not admitted to any wrongdoing in the settlement agreement and denies all claims the lawsuit made.


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