FinTech Startups to Look Out for in 2022

It is one of the leading providers of digital business banking services and is also one of the UK’s fastest-growing fintech.


TransferWise is now known as Wise. This platform focuses on providing a core money transfer product, along with a borderless account for its audience of travelers and freelancers.


The company provides a platform that brings total credit protection, all in one place, from credit alerts, credit scores, and credit reports.


TrueAccord also believes in building ethical values in organizations to promote equality and advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Its fintech platform is utilized to build different financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions in real-time.


Upstox is a fintech company that allows innovative investment options for its clients. It also provides securities brokerage and stock trading services.


Varo is an entirely new kind of bank. It is driven by a mission to redefine banking so it is easy for everyone to make smart choices with their money.

Varo Bank

Venmo is a mobile payment service that is owned by PayPal. The account holders of Venmo can transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app.


Zebpay is available on the Web, Android, and iOS for trading bitcoin, ether, ripple, and various other popular cryptocurrencies.


ZestMoney is a growing consumer lending Fintech company that uses digital EMI, without the need for a credit card or a credit score.



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