Fastest Growing AI Startups in Europe.

The company offers an advanced AI platform that helps scientists make new discoveries and redefines how to gain access to, and use, all the data available to them to drive innovation.


This software helps in shortening the steps from raw data to up-and-running data-driven applications and, with a visual and interactive workspace.


The start-up secured US$4.1m in seed investment in April 2016, with salesforce ventures among its cohort of backers.


This start-up is Tel-Aviv-based which provides solutions regarding personal messaging using AI to increase productivity. It has raised US$3.5m in a funding round led by CE Ventures.


It is a London based start-up which uses AI and machine intelligence to help companies verify candidates for jobs.


The platform has an action-based recommendation on the data it has crunched and can also make predictions such as what products customers are likely to buy.


It uses AI to scan and analyze over 2 million articles a day from 2.7 million websites, 67000 print feeds, and 300 broadcast channels to provide curated information for various sectors.

Signal Media

It was founded in 2015 and employs a team of 20 people. The company recently closed a €4.2m seed round led by Holtzbrinck Ventures and Battery Ventures.


It is a Dublin-based AI Company with no shortage of global ambition. Its main focus is on developing text and image analysis API.


It is a digital doctor’s app that enables GP video calling and AI diagnosis, revolutionizing the world of healthcare.

Babylon Health

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