Edge Analytics Service Providers in 2022

CISCO Systems, Inc. is one of the top edge analytics service providers with analytics and automation programming.

CISCO Systems, Inc.

Prophet Corporation offers Oracle Edge Analytics or OEA as an answer for building embedded device applications to channel, correspond, and process occasions continuously.

Oracle Corporation

The edge analytics organization is known for handing over the proper data to the cloud for deeper analysis in the Watson IoT platform service.

IBM Corporation

Edge Intelligence is one of the top edge analytics specialist organizations for ongoing stream processing and analytics.

Edge Intelligence

Evolv Technology is one of the main edge analytics organizations to give a protected and consistent screening experience.

Evolv Technology

AWS IoT for the Edge is one of the edge analytics specialist organizations to carry cloud network and knowledge to the IoT edge.


Intel Corporation is known for giving edge video analytics microservice to change video transfers into significant bits of knowledge.

Intel Corporation

It processes telemetry streams at the edge that can lessen how much transferred information while diminishing an opportunity to respond to significant as well as actionable insights.


Databricks with Azure assistance to plan AI with Apache Spark-based analytics.


EdgeConneX is one of the top top edge analytics service providers zeroed in on building and working powerful server farms for clients in any arrangement and size.



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