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Data Science Slack Communities to Join.

MLOps and ML engineering in general that’s the best place on the internet to do that. MLOps announcements, jobs, questions answered, news and events.

MLOps Community

The official slack channel for data science salons and the DSSelevate community. 

Data Science Salon

It is an NLP-focused Slack community, that covers all-natural language process-related topics.

Spark NLP

It is a place to talk, learn, discuss, and share. To make our discussion more organized, we need to follow community guidelines.


It is a community for current and aspiring data analytics leaders. This slack community caters to a wide array of data roles from Data Engineers to Analytics Engineers.

Locally Optimistic

Here you can learn data analytics, data science & ML under guided mentorship and deliver challenging projects in a unique data apprenticeship.

Data with Danny

It handles tech, product, and business for Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, ML, DL, Computer Vision, natural language process, and MLOps.

AI Guild

It is the largest and the most active community. Here you can talk about anything data-related as well as non-data-related topics.

Open Data Science

Its stands for Riga Data Science Club. It is a non-profit organization to share ideas, and experiences and build ML projects together.

Riga DS Club

General chat on ML and AI. It is a place for data scientists and ML experts to share tips and look for projects. It is a general chat room for ML and AI.

AI ML Data Science Lovers


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