Cryptos with a High Transaction Speed.

Cardano is known as one of the top ten cryptocurrencies with a third-generation blockchain and DApp development platform.


Solana is one of the popular cryptocurrencies with TPS of 2,825 in the cryptocurrency market within 0.4 seconds.


Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency in the whole cryptocurrency market but it offers only 12-25 TPS within six minutes of confirmation time.


XRP is one of the stable cryptocurrencies with TPS of 1,500 within four seconds of crypto transactions in 3-5 seconds. It can scale to manage the same throughput as Visa in the future.


Cosmos is highly popular for providing more than 10,000 transactions per second with the confirmation time of crypto transactions being seven seconds.


Avalanche is one of the rising cryptocurrencies with 5,000 TPS and a crypto transactions time of 1-2 seconds. This cryptocurrency is focused on being fast, affordable


Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency at the top of thousands of cryptocurrencies. But, the transaction per second is 3-7 within 10 minutes of the average crypto transaction’s confirmation time


Dogecoin started as a memecoin in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. But it has improved by offering 30 transactions per second within one minute of crypto transactions confirmation.


EOS offers 4,000 TPS as one of the top cryptocurrencies with TPS at a higher level. It also takes only 0.5 seconds for an average crypto transaction confirmation time.


Polkadot is one of the top cryptocurrencies to offer 1,000 transactions per second and confirmation within 4-5 seconds for crypto transactions.



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