Cryptos Growing Fast in the Bear Market

EverGrow Coin sees a 40% price pump

The EverGrow Coin price increased from $0.000000255 to hit $0.000000358 on the DigiFinex exchange.

Prices on CoinMarketCap are often volatile for EverGrow Coin as it switches between CEX and DEX prices.

For example, though CoinMarketCap suggests a current EverGrow Coin price of $0.0000002711 this is actually up at $0.0000003445 on DigiFinex where a majority of EverGrow Coin trading occurs.

BNB is up 3% today

BNB is by far the fast-growing major cryptos right now. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and Solana are all in the red, BNB is up 3% today.

In the past week, BNB has actually grown 10% in price.

BNB is the native token of the Binance ecosystem and powers its Binance crypto exchange – the largest in the world by daily trading volume.

TRON flips Shiba Inu

TRON (TRX) leapt into the crypto top 20 after the dramatic collapse of Terra Luna and UST.

TRON has not only kept its position but has flipped Shiba Inu and Dai in recent days to find a seat as the 14th biggest crypto by market cap ($7.65 billion).

TRON is now closing in on Avalanche with just over $100 million between them in market cap.


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