Cryptocurrencies Poised for a Bull Run.

Bitcoin is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the world. Even after massive volatilities, BTC continues to reign as the supreme leader in the crypto market.


Ethereum, abbreviated as Ether, is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency that has the potential to outperform even major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Solana is a highly functional open-source project that banks on blockchain technology’s permissionless nature to provide decentralized finance solutions.


Tether is a stablecoin that mirrors the price of the US dollar. The token’s peg to the dollar is achieved via maintaining a sum of commercial paper.


Avalanche is the fastest smart contract in the blockchain industry as measured by time-to-finality. The crypto is blazingly fast, low-cost, and eco-friendly.


Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players.

Axie Infinity

Terra is a blockchain payment platform for stablecoins that relies on keeping a balance between two types of cryptocurrencies.


Binance is one of the most successful crypto exchanges in the world when it comes to trading volumes. Like Bitcoin, Binance Coin keeps a hard limit on the number of tokens in circulation.

Binance Coin

Decentraland is a virtual reality game on the Ethereum blockchain that uses the MANA token as an in-game currency. Users can purchase goods and services, buy land, and visit other players.


Algorand is a self-sustaining, decentralized, blockchain-based network that supports a wide range of applications.



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