Cryptocurrencies making Huge Gains Now

EverGrow Coin

Up 25% in crypto price today

EverGrow Coin has gained 24% in price today, making it one of the fastest-growing tokens around.

The EverGrow Coin trading volume is also up nearly 60% compared with yesterday as investors switch from riskier assets.

From a 14% transaction tax, 8% is redistributed to EverGrow Coin holders in the Binance-pegged USD stablecoin. Since launching in September last year more than $37 million has been paid to investors.

PKT token

Up 28% in crypto price today

The PKT token is up over 28% in price today.

PKT is trading at a price of $0.005192 – one of its highest prices since launching in March of this year.

PKT incentives years to scale bandwidth infrastructure worldwide. The PKT Network is a high-speed and robust system that lowers the cost of accessing the Internet via mesh networking.


Up nearly 100% in price

While it appears impossible in the current crypto crash, some cryptocurrencies are up 100% in price.

The Aventus token (AVT) is currently up 93% from yesterday with a trading price of $2.25. The current Aventus price equals crypto prices before the Terra Luna collapse in May.

Aventus builds a blockchain solution on top of Ethereum to ensure lower costs and faster processing speeds.


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