Copenhagen Shooting In Mall Denmark

According to the Danish police, the suspect who carried out this attack has been arrested. His age is 22 years.

The accused is a citizen of Denmark and his age is 22 years. At present, the police is also not ruling out the possibility of a terrorist conspiracy.

At least three people were killed and several others injured in a shooting at the mall in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark on Sunday.

The head of the Copenhagen Police Operations Unit, Soren Thomson, said the suspect who opened fire had been arrested near the Fields shopping mall in the south of the city. 

The accused is a citizen of Denmark and his age is 22 years. Police say that the number of people killed in the attack may also increase.

Thomson said in the press conference that, the possibility of a terrorist conspiracy behind the incident cannot be ruled out. 

At present, it is not known whether some other people were involved in this incident or whether it has been done alone.

 The police is investigating the matter. Thomson did not provide any information about the casualties in the incident


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