CARD CHAOS Visa and Mastercard outages

VISA and Mastercard are back ready after blackouts were accounted for.

Many individuals from one coast to another supposedly disliked making buys yesterday.

People started to experience issues with their Visa cards at around 1pm ET yesterday, according to Downdetector.

Extra blackouts for thousands additional clients were accounted for again at 3pm ET.

The issues had all the earmarks of being most packed in the New York and New Jersey regions.

Customers reported issues in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

The large majority of people are reportedly having issues with purchases.

Visa provided a comment to the US Sun on Sunday saying that their systems continue to operate normally.

According to senior vice president of Mastercard Seth Eisen, they have been running smoothly for the past couple of days.

"We're various organizations, so I can't talk for their benefit," Eisen said of Visa's clear blackout.

"Mastercard is working regularly. The equivalent was the case yesterday," Eisen made sense of.


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