CandyDex token price reach ATH in Nov 22

Now CANDYDEX is considered one of the most promising crypto projects on the market.

As per the crypto experts, we have some predictions that we may see the CANDYDEX token price will reach an all-time high once they open the trade in the coming months of 2022.

We know that they have launched CandyDex IDO sale round 1 with 0.1 USD, which closes on 30th June.

So now the round-2 sale starts at 0.5USD as we hear the user will receive 500X times profit from round-1 to round-2 and for round-3 will get 1000X.

In the huge market fluctuations on the whole crypto market, Bitcoin is trading at $20,120 and the rest of all Altcoins have the same fluctuation as well.

But most of the users are investing in this CandyDex token even though in a bearish market.

That’s why aggressive investors should be looking for opportunities and take well researched decisions to buy while the market is down.

As per the latest reports, the major crypto whales have purchased 48.4 Million CANDYDEX tokens worth US$4.84 Million.

A crypto whale bought 10 million CANDYDEX tokens in a single transaction worth US$1 million.


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