Build Your Own Crypto Project

Build Your Own Project With The Help Of Launchpads

As the market has developed, so has the ease of starting a new crypto project.

Since launchpads entered the market, providing excessive support to upcoming projects such as marketing, as well as the basic promotion to users on their platform.

It has become a lot simpler to create a crypto project, and in turn many launchpads have helped a lot of cryptos become very successful.

One of the best launchpads in the market is BoostX, for both project creators and its users.

If you are looking to create your own crypto project, BoostX would be a great one to use as it provides project creators with a lot of freedom to customise their projects.

This is done by the use of a dynamic dashboard, enabling creators to customise the presale of their project by choosing key details, including dynamic pricing, static pricing, bonuses, & more.

This is a unique feature for a launchpad to have, hence what makes BoostX stand out. By providing creators with this additional freedom, they feel more in control and at ease.

BoostX also provides marketing for each project by using their team of experienced journalists to write articles that are then distributed to BoostX’s collection of crypto news outlets.


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