Bob Saget hotel room photos.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released more photos and body camera video related to its investigation into the death of comedian Bob Saget.

Bodycam video recorded on Jan. 9 showed deputies initially knocked on the door of the wrong hotel room before realizing their error.

The video then shows the door to Saget’s hotel room slightly ajar as deputies make their way in.Investigation photos showed the hotel room after Saget was removed from the site.

Photos of Saget’s bathroom suggest that the comedian had showered before his death, judging from toiletries in the shower and a used towel seen in a bathtub.

A medical examiner found that Saget had died from a head injury likely caused by a backward fall.

An OCSO report released last week said the fractures in Saget’s eye sockets and bleeding around his brain may have been caused by him possibly hitting “something hard, covered by something soft.”

This matched previous accounts by deputies saying that no blood had been found at the scene.

Investigators said prior to his death, Saget was described by multiple people as being outgoing and friendly.

One of the last people who saw Saget before his death, a car attendant at the Ritz Carlton, said the comedian spoke to him and took a picture with him.

The incident report said the valet told investigators that “he did not see evidence of slurred speech, balance issues, or anything else that caused him concern.”


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