Bitcoin Might Go to As Low As US$10k

After the dramatic crypto crash of stablecoin, Terra, in this highly volatile cryptocurrency market, it is time for Bitcoin to create tension among crypto investors.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the topmost cryptocurrency in the entire market with high volatility.

But this behavioural pattern cannot stop BTC from attracting millions of crypto investors to drive profits in the crypto wallets.

Bitcoin is facing a drastic crypto crash and has reached the US$20k level since its high-time record hit of US$68k in November 2021.

This has created a storm in the long-term crypto investors but buys the dips investors are highly interested and reaping the benefits of the decline.

Crypto investors are aware of the global cryptocurrency market cap has fallen down the US$1 trillion mark. The aggregate value of all tokens summed up to US$896.97 billion on June 17, 2022.

The current BTC price is US$20,859.20 with a market cap of US$397.28 billion and a volume of US$32.60 billion.

It is unbelievable for crypto investors to experience this drastic crypto crash from US$68k to US$20k.

This is the first time since December 2018 that the Bitcoin reading of the indicator has dropped down the 30 thresholds.


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