Bitcoin at US$80K in 2022?

Data shows pro traders are neutral-to-bullish

To understand how bullish or bearish professional traders are leaning, one should analyze the futures basis rate. This indicator is frequently referred to as the futures premium,etc.

Why Bitcoin Halving could Act as a Trigger?

Bitcoin halving is an incident that happens roughly every four years. It is the time when the circulation is cut down to make sure the potential of the digital token is delivered.

Could Bitcoin hit US$80K?

The digital currency that was once viewed as mysterious by many in the past has now exploded in both value and popularity.

The Value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not backed by government authorities or central institutions. It is a decentralized model that is independent of authoritarian intrusion.

Beyond 2022! Where is BTC Headed?

In 2022, crypto investors and analysts are having a debate on BTC’s possibility to reach US$80k by end of the year. However, despite the negative predictions,


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