Binance liaison to Brazilian banks

The TJ-SP (São Paulo Court of Justice) ordered, on June 30, the blocking of approximately BRL 451.6 million from the cryptocurrency trading platform Capitual Instituto de Pagamento.

According to people familiar with the matter who spoke to the Sheet on condition of anonymity,

Capitual has been operating since mid-2020 in the operation of transactions for the purchase and sale of crypto assets from clients of the global brokerage Binance,

and in the conversion of crypto assets into reais. The broker is not headquartered in Brazil, and was established under the laws of Lithuania.

Binance reportedly refused to follow the BC (Central Bank) rule, valid since June 16,

Which requires companies to individually identify all customers operating through cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The BC’s objective is to prevent illegal operations such as money laundering through the crypto market.

Also according to the people who follow the subject, with Capitual’s refusal to trade BNB customers’ values ​​without the identification determined by the BC,

The brokerage company filed a request to block the values ​​in court, claiming that it was prevented from accessing them, and that resources are at risk of being diverted.

BNB also accused Capitual of not respecting the 90-day notice for interruption of services provided.


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