Big Time For Shiba Inu Fan's In 2022.

The influence of celebrities and enthusiasts on cryptocurrencies is extremely huge. So far, it has created a whole social media sentiment across the globe.

Elon Musk is the No.1 Fan

Generally, cryptocurrencies’ price is determined by supply and demand. When it comes to Shiba Inu, there are more than enough tokens to address the growing demand.

The Price and Supply is at its Best

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are priced at US$40k and US$3k respectively, buying a single token might be a big task for a commoner.

Acts as Penny Token

Many people think that SHIB is riding the growth wave of Dogecoin. However, DOGE gave a spike to Shiba Inu in the first place, but the memecoin found its own way.

ERC-20 Gives an Edge Against Dogecoin

The anonymity behind Satoshi Nakamoto is already unsolved. However, according to some experts, the unknown founder is a major reason behind Bitcoin’s growth.

The Suspense Behind the Founder

The hype is eventually turned into Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), which makes people go completely berserk for the tokens.

The Hype and FOMO

Although Shiba Inu has a good ecosystem already, its upcoming feature Shibarium, is expected to add even more advantages to the ecosystem.

Shibarium Could be a Big Boost

In the much-admired cryptocurrency world, there are over 13,000 tokens in circulation. Every day, at least 50-100 tokens are getting launched.

Showed its Potential in the Initial Days

Recently, Shiba Inu followers created an online movement by signing a petition demanding Robinhood to enlist SHIB in it.

Robinhood Trading Buzz

Even though SHIB just joined the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies that stand as DOGE competitors, during the October price rally, it proved to be really one.

Potential Dogecoin Killer


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