Big Sky Season 2 Finale Recap

If the last few moments of Big Sky‘s Season 2 finale are any indication, Season 3 in Helena is going to be one lit, good-looking time.

The final scene of Thursday’s season-ender finds Jenny and Cassie knocking back tequila at The Boot Heel with Sheriff Beau Arlen, a town newbie played by Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles. 

We’ll get to how they all meet in a minute. But for now, just know that he approaches the ladies in a friendly (not gross) manner,

They give him a good-natured hard time, and he instantly matches both their vibe in a way that is respectful and fun.

So just know that I’m very much looking forward to the recently announced third season. Now, let’s go over what happens in “Catch a Few Fish.”

Everyone’s favorite fugitive and her daughter, Phoebe, are on their way to Canada.

But first, Scarlet stops at a bus station to retrieve something from a locker: It’s the hard drive containing info on The Syndicate.

Meanwhile, Lindor rushes back to Helena because he knows Scarlet contacted Cassie, and he’s pretty sure that The Syndicate is on the killer blonde’s trail.

And when he and Cassie go to see the EMT who worked on Wolf Legarski the day he died, they find the man dead under a tarp in his own backyard.

Is this the work of The Syndicate?” Cassie wonders, and Lindor says it has to be.

In case you’re wondering: Jerrie is staying in Idaho for the moment, working with local law enforcement on the case.


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