Big Oil Is Betting Big on Hydrogen

The Dawn of a New Energy Economy

Before we go any further, let me state that, yes, I’m well aware of hydrogen’s back story.

It’s been touted as a viable clean energy source since the 1970s. Yet, since then, its power still hasn’t been harnessed.

The past 50 years in the Hydrogen Economy have been characterized by little more than a series of false starts.

But there comes a time when each new technology has its “moment” — when it proves itself and goes on to change the world.

Hydrogen’s Scientific Superiority

Hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe. You can fit a lot more of its atoms into a finite space.

As a result, a hydrogen power source will be infinitely more energy-dense than a power source made with anything else.

That has enormous implications. Energy density defines an energy source. Indeed, you could say energy density determines everything!

In transportation markets, energy density determines driving ranges and refuel times. A vehicle with more energy density will drive farther and refuel faster.

Therefore, hydrogen-powered vehicles will drive farther and refuel much faster than EVs and gas-powered cars.


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