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Big Announcements from Google I/O 2022.

Though its first look was leaked long ago, tech enthusiasts were waiting for its specs to be revealed by the company at this Google event.

Pixel Watch

As expected, Google announced its Pixel 6a phone at the I/O meet. A downgraded version of last year’s Pixel 6, and also cheaper,

Pixel 6A

Powered by custom algorithms, Pixel Buds Pro comes with a custom 6-core audio processor, which cancels out ambient noise.

Pixel Buds Pro

Google announced its first Android tablet at the event, though it is believed it will not be out in the market till 2023.

Pixel Tablet

 Google’s new mobile OS brings a host of personalization features and aesthetics of interface which include customizing the appearance of the display, and icons with pre-made color variants.

Android 13

Google meet got an important update with an artificial intelligence enhanced feature, with which Google meets are going to get better.

Better Google Meets

Monk Skin Tone scale, introduced by Google in the meet, is a 10-shade scale that can be used to represent a greater number of skin tones to be incorporated into Google products.

Monk Scale

24 new languages have been added to Google translate, including indigenous languages from the Americas, like Guarani, and Aymar.

More languages added in Google Translate

Google announced the maps can be accessed in 3D, facilitating a closer look at the surroundings

Immersive view in maps

Google Assistant got a shot in the arm with new features like “look and talk” for the Google Nest Hub Max smart home device.

Improved Google Assistant conversations


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