Better Call Saul EP Breaks Down

We figured Better Call Saul could end the main portion of its last season with a bang — however we didn't have the foggiest idea about that sounds valid.

The most recent couple of minutes of Monday's middle of the season finale left us with our jaws on the floor,

As a crushed Howard faced Jimmy and Kim after their painstakingly arranged plan to embarrass him and get the Sandpiper case settled had exactly the intended effect.

Howard came to their condo to salute them and afterward to castigate them — however he was interfered with by Lalo,

Who jumped in needing to address his legal counselors while he serenely screwed a silencer into his gun.

Before anybody could respond, he casually shot Howard in the head, passing on him to bite the dust on the floor prior to going to Jimmy and Kim: "Alright… how about we talk."

Better believe it, in the wake of seeing that, we certainly expected to talk, so TVLine contacted Saul chief maker Thomas Schnauz,

Who composed and coordinated this episode — to unload that stunning last second,

What Howard's homicide implies for Jimmy and Kim's future and what's on tap for Saul's last six episodes (debuting July 11).


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