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Why ETH is Losing Ground Now?

Ethereum is the secondlargest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and the epicenter to smart contracts, DeFi, DApps, etc Over the past seven years since its inception ETH has faced many challenges

Although it emerged as a major competitor for Bitcoin initially with advanced features and a better working system, Ethereum competitors like Solana and Polkadot are more capable now.

Over time, cryptocurrency investors who hailed the feature seem to have realized the downsides.

How Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade will Help ETH Gain its Position?

As mentioned above, developers have become familiar with the vulnerabilities of Ethereum, making them choose other networks over it.

However, the targeted shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake model is expected to make many positive changes.

For example, the upgrade is aimed to address the high transaction fees, increase coins burned and improve congestion.

Will Russia-Ukraine War Continue to Impact Ethereum’s Price

It is not just Ethereum that is facing the storm from the Russia-Ukraine war. Generally, assets, stocks, tokens, etc are getting the blow on their face from the geopolitical crisis.

This week, Ethereum’s price dropped below US$2,500 as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has contributed to heightened volatility.

Although ETH is trying to make a comeback, it is strongly being pushed against at US$3,000. But the geopolitical impact on cryptocurrencies is not a usual thing.


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