Best Cities To Retire on $2500 a Month

A one-bedroom apartment averages $1,166. What ranks Omaha lower on the list, however, is the steep monthly healthcare cost of $562 and the hefty monthly grocery average of $398.

Omaha, Nebraska

Milwaukee falls at No. 10 on this list, with monthly rent at $1,231 and groceries among the most affordable on the list, at $383.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Buffalo is the No. 3 most expensive city on this list, thanks to the second-highest rent ($1,215) and grocery costs ($406) each month. But the healthcare expenses $419 per month.

Buffalo, New York

Des Moines may not be the best place to settle for social people as only 14% of the city's population is over 65. Monthly rent for a onebedroom in this city ranks highest on this list

Des Moines, Iowa

Scranton features a monthly rent of $1,174 and a lively retired community as 20% of the city is 65 or older. The city does showcase pricier monthly grocery costs, at $398.

Scranton, Pennsylvania

The rent for Sebring falls at $1,148 for one bedroom, and the city's grocery costs are the highest on this list, at $417.

Sebring, Florida

Sierra Vista is a great option for social adults as over one-fifth of the population in the city is 65 & older. With monthly 1-bedroom rent at $1,171 and a livability score of 78.

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Toledo offers a one-bedroom apartment for an average of $1,148 and the cheapest grocery costs on this list, at $372.

Toledo, Ohio

Akron is also a top contender for retirees as it offers the lowest monthly healthcare costs on this list, at $359. With rent costing $1,124 for a one-bedroom apartment,

Akron, Ohio

Little Rock takes second place on this list, with rent costing $1,055 and an impressively low healthcare cost of $372.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Top livability score among these 11 cities. Rent averages $1,042, $885 less than the U.S. mean. Groceries typically cost $379, significantly lower than the U.S. average of $412.

McAllen, Texas

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