Artificial Intelligence in Journalism.

Machine-Written Articles

AI-written articles are currently limited to simple and formulaic topics including stock market results, sports game scores, etc.

Transcribing Audio and Video Interviews

It converts audio data into text so that journalists can focus on deriving insights rather than transcribing audio or video interviews.

Flagging Alerts

AI can examine large databases and send journalists alerts as soon as a trend or anomaly emerges from big data.

Powering Journalistic Processes

It can help organizations streamline their distributed processes for gleaning information, contacting sources and backend operations like dealing with the advertisers.

Controls bias

AI assists in reducing the subjective interpretation of the data of the human as its machine learning algorithms are trained to consider accuracy.

Robot as news reporters

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency made a breakthrough by deploying a robot as ‘English AI Anchor.’

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