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AI Investments by Top 10 Countries.

Considering this objective, the State Council of the People's Republic of China has announced to turn into a US$150 billion AI worldwide pioneer by 2030.


The USA is giving tough competition to China in terms of becoming an AI superpower. With the well-established tech culture in the US, the country has benefited with $10 billion.


In the landmass of Europe, the UK is the unmistakable pioneer with 121 AI-enabled firms. Tech organizations in the UK raised a private speculation amount of US$8.6 billion out of 2017.

United Kingdom

The public authority of Canada assumes a significant part in putting resources into AI projects. In walk 2017 the Canadian government focused on making a US$125 million interest in AI research.


As indicated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the AI chief will manage the world. The nation puts $12.5 million every year in AI.


The country is well known for its clockwork efficiency and is sufficiently versed in technical know-how. Germany is all set to blend its tradition with technology innovations.


Norway is displaying its longing to go past oil penetrating and fishing past and procure a few innovative certifications.


A recent survey conducted in Sweden shows that 80 % of residents are positive about AI and robots which means it would not be much of a pain for the country to replace human workers with AI.


A new overview directed in Sweden shows that 80 % of inhabitants are sure about AI and robots which implies it a very remarkable torment for the country to supplant human specialists with AI.


The French AI initiatives will zoom into data with a strategy to make private companies publicly release their data for utilising it as AI use-cases.



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