A Thing came out of the lake in America

The boat has been identified as a landing craft.

This lake has been badly affected by drought in the last few years and its water level has gone down considerably. According to local officials, the boat was well below the surface of the water.

The boat, identified as a landing craft, sank after being used for a survey, according to dive tourism company Las Vegas Scuba.

This is the second time such an incident has happened

Let us tell you that this is the second time that an object has re-emerged due to the fall of the water level. Earlier, two sets of human remains were found similarly above.

Lake Mead is the largest man-made reservoir in America, but it continues to decline. Experts say that climate change will make things worse.

This boat was used regularly in the army

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the boat found at Lake Mead was identified as a boat built during World War II by Higgins Industries in New Orleans.

These boats were used regularly by the military and many of them were also used in Normandy in 1944.


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