6 Types of Business Analytics Jobs

Data Warehouse architect

Data warehouse architect is responsible for making, managing & executing data warehouse techniques & strategies.

Senior Database Developer

A senior developer might be responsible for one or the other software or a data set. On account of a database, the senior developer creates, manages, & codes huge databases & their features. 

Intelligence Analyst

An intelligence analyst generally works for an administration organization, as well as organizations that work with the public authority, to give basic data about security dangers.

Business Analytics Translator

Business analytics translators fill the hole between an association's business group and the innovation group.

Analyst Manager

An  analytics manager manages all the business activities and appoints duties  to the respective group leaders in view of needs and qualifications.

Data Business Analyst

While data scientists are principally worried about producing noteworthy data as information, an data business analyst utilizes that data to generate insights about the business.


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