5 Use of Conversational AI in Healthcare

Patient Engagement Chatbot

Conversational AI in healthcare can also be used to keep patients engaged in the post-treatment phase. We are now familiar with how bots help users diagnose and schedule appointments for treatment.

Appointment Scheduling

With a messaging interface, the website/app visitors can easily access a chatbot. The chatbot can schedule appointments based on the doctor’s availability. 

Emergency Case Escalation

In a health crisis such as the current pandemic, use cases like triaging could prove to be immensely useful for swamped healthcare institutes.

Resolving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Clinics and hospitals have transformed this section into a chatbot feature on their website’s homepage dedicated to answering general queries.

Symptom Assessment

A symptom checker bot, such as Conversa, can be the first line of contact between the patient and a hospital. The chatbot is capable of asking relevant questions and understanding symptoms.


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