5 Tech Trends Taking Over the UX Design.

Motion Sensing Technology

Motion can propel the user experience and directly take into account the actions of the user such as visual feedback, animation, or even imagery.

Extension of Connected Devices

The UX designer can simply create wireframes and send a prototype to participants, gain prompt feedback and quickly make changes.

AR Apps

For UX designers, creating wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for these apps will require deeper animation skills utilising prototyping tools with motion technology.

Cloud Computing

The evolution in cloud computing has witnessed the rise of serverless computing. It can enable both users and enterprises to run software without installing it, providing stability and security.

AI and ML

UX designers and other tech professionals, gathering user data can be complex and ethical. Personalization or customization of preferences before using a service with AI and ML.

Take Away

UX designers will continue to design for specific target audiences, and the focus on designing the most relevant user experience possible is here to stay.

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