5 of the Best Stocks to Buy for May

Visa Inc

Visa is one of the few mega-cap companies to post an unequivocally positive earnings report so far this season. Despite the huge headline numbers on its report,

Waters Corp

Waters is a leading laboratory equipment maker. It specializes in mass spectrometry devices and other related software, services and supplies.

Citigroup Inc

Citigroup is one of America's largest banks. It has a strong franchise in both investment banking and the consumer side, giving it a diverse stream of revenue.

Comcast Corp

April was a nasty month for the cable industry, with multiple players plunging to new 52-week lows. Of the bunch, Comcast may be best positioned for a near-term comeback.

Verizon Communications Inc

Verizon stock slipped from $55 to under $50 during the second half of April. This put the large telecom company squarely into value stock territory.


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