5 Latest Machine Learning Use in Games.

More engaging mobile games

The scope of these games is limited because of the hardware of smartphones. But after the implementation of AI and ML integrated chips into smartphones, this situation has started to change.

Realistic interactions

Implementing NLP could allow users to talk out loud to in-game characters and get real responses. It will be like talking to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Modeling complex systems

Game developers are relentlessly trying to make gaming more immersive and realistic. Indeed, modelling the real world is extremely difficult, but ML algorithms can help create these complex models.

Assisted artwork generation

ML techniques can help optimise workflows so that the artists can spend more time on the creative parts of their work and manage less time on the mechanical parts.

Enhancing developer skills

The technologies and innovation taking up the game development industry will include machine learning. Therefore, game designers can practice both to become more efficient.

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