40M guns were sold in the US last year

Gun companies in the US have carefully scrutinized their markets over the past twenty years.

His message focuses on selling weapons like handguns for personal protection and the army to the youth.

Selling guns by creating messages of self-defense, self-respect, masculinity and feelings of fear has been extremely successful. In the year 2000, 85 lakh fire arms were sold in the country.

This number stood at 3 crore 89 lakh last year. Women are at the forefront of the gun buying race.

Gun makers, lawyers, and public representatives have convinced large sections of Americans that they should have a gun.

The tagline for selling guns, Be the real men among men, In 2020, Rittenhouse killed 2 people during an anti-apartheid protest. He was acquitted by the court in November last year.

Hours later, a Florida gun dealer promoted the image of a man wielding an assault rifle with the slogan - Be the real man among men.

However, he was 17 when Rittenhouse killed two people. In fact, the fire arms industry in the US focuses on specific groups of the population based on years of research to increase arms sales.


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