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4 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas.

Use a Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fee

Many, but not all, credit card issuers charge fees for purchases made overseas with a foreign merchant.

These fees typically range from 1% to 3% of each purchase and can result in you paying significantly more than the listed price of anything that you purchase overseas.

Call Your Credit Card Issuer Before Leaving

Once you have the requisite cards, alert your issuer of your travel plans and ask for the number that you can call collect for assistance while overseas.

This not only will ensure that your cards do not get suspended because of suspicious activity, but also will give you a way to contact your issuer free of charge if something comes up.

Avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion

Make sure to avoid dynamic currency conversion, a credit card feature that allows you to make a credit card purchase in a foreign country by using the currency of your home country.

Some of us tend to have trouble relating foreign currency to the U.S. dollar, at least off the top of our heads while shopping.

Memorize Your PIN

With the institution of chip-and-PIN technology, some credit card terminals—particularly those in Europe—require the cardholder to enter a personal identification number (PIN).

Make sure you have one set up and memorized before you leave town.


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