4 Arrested For Amtrak Insurance Fraud.

Three men and a lady were captured on Thursday for duping Amtrak's medical coverage plan of more than $9 million, as per the Department of Justice.

Devon Burt, 49, Hallum Gelzer, 43, Muhammad Mirza, 50, and Punson Figueroa, 55, purportedly paid off Amtrak representatives to submit misleading protection claims in their names.

which they then, at that point, gathered the installments from.

Beginning in 2019, the gathering would exchange cash for marks on fake cases, as per examiners.

A secret cop acting like an Amtrak representative met with Figueroa in June 2021, authorities said.

She purportedly taught him to sign his name multiple times and advised him to leave the date clear.

She then submitted misleading cases to Amtrak's medical care plan for different fake exercise based recuperation and needle therapy administrations, as per investigators.

They met again the next month, and Figuero purportedly gave the spy an envelope with $1,000 cash.

Figueroa kept on utilizing the secret's data to submit false cases, specialists said. She supposedly made 73 altogether, for which she procured $31,840.

That was only a negligible part of the $9 million complete that the litigants supposedly gathered throughout their plan.

They each face medical care misrepresentation charges and were delivered on $200,000 bond.


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