21 UFOs were chased by fighter planes

The most talked about UFO i.e. Unidentified Flying Object is in America. A hearing held in May this year was very important.

In this hearing of the US Congress held for the first time in 50 years, many shocking things related to UFOs were revealed.

One of these incidents is related to Brazil and recently it has also been discussed in the Senate there. Let us know what is related to UFO, this mysterious incident. 

This incident is said to have happened about 36 years ago. Several UFOs were seen in Brazil on the evening of 19 May 1986. Then 3 fighter jets followed them.

It is said that the width of the UFO was about 300 feet and they were flying at a speed of 18 thousand kilometers per hour.

In this incident which lasted for several hours, 21 UFOs were claimed to be sighted. People and military soldiers in about 4 states had witnessed the incident. 

According to the report , the Senate of Brazil held a special session on June 24 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Ufology World Day.

Senator Luis Eduardo Granjiro Giro and a few other senators had requested to convene the session. Senator Giro has long been associated with topics like UFOs, Aliens, Third World.

There is not much information about what happened in this session, but it is said that UFO experts from all over the world were called in the session to inform the MPs of Brazil.

It is expected to talk about the incident in the sky in the evening of 1986. 


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