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2022 No-Code Machine Learning Platforms

This is a no-code simplified stage accessible for iOS engineers by Apple to make and prepare custom AI models on Mac.


It is a developing AI stage that helps overcome any barrier between portable engineers and information researchers.

Fritz AI

This no-code stage empowers engineers with restricted AI skill to prepare excellent models intended for their business needs.

Google AutoML

This stage is intended for making object location and division brain organizations.


This stage is to make ML methods open to understudies, and innovative specialists from a large number of disciplines.


This stage utilizes best in class NLP to perform complex errands on client characterized CSV information. It very well may be utilized by advertisers

Obviously AI

It is a well known start to finish undertaking AI stage for the quick and simple organization of exact prescient models.

Data Robot

 It is an open-source platform that offers machine learning and application integration services to businesses.


It is an AI-powered annotation platform that uses machine learning capabilities to boost your data annotation process.


This stage involves the Tensorflow.js library in your program and guarantees that your preparation information stays on the gadget.

Teachable Machine


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