1000 CR Destroyed in Agneepath violence

For the last four days, there has been a huge uproar in many parts of the country over the Agneepath scheme. Trains were the most targeted in this.

Due to this, there is a possibility of loss of more than one thousand crores including railway property and refund of passengers.

Not only this, 12 lakh people had to cancel the journey. 922 Mail Express trains cancelled. 120 mail trains partially cancelled.

One and a half lakh passengers had to leave the train midway. More than 5 lakh PNRs were cancelled. About Rs 70 crore refund was given to passengers.

The East Central Railway zone suffered property damage worth Rs 241 crore.

The public property which is being targeted indiscriminately by the protesters, has the hard earned money of crores of taxpayers.

922 Mail Express trains have been canceled across the country in four days. If 3 passengers are considered on one PNR,

Then a total of more than 5 lakh PNRs have been canceled, on an average, 1200 to 1500 passengers run in each train, due to which the journey of about 12 lakh people was canceled.

Giving an example, the Ministry of Railways said that if the fare of a passenger is considered to be at least Rs 600, then a total refund of Rs 70 crore is being refunded.

If you include the fare of AC 3, Second AC and First AC in this, then the refund will be Rs 100 crore. 827 passenger trains were cancelled.

120 Mail Express trains were partially cancelled, forcing about 1.5 lakh passengers to leave the train midway and cancel the journey.


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