10 Robotics Project Ideas for Beginners.

The major drawback in today’s surveillance rests on the involvement of human operators who can easily be distracted,

Ball Tracking Robot

These robots are built around the Pixy computer vision sensor. This vision sensor is a low-cost sensor for under 80 dollars.

Color Following Robot

Solar power is mainly harnessed from photovoltaic (PV) panels which are arranged in multiple arrays in a solar farm or solar system.

Solar Panel Cleaning System Using Arduino

Human detection robots are not a new technology. Many types of human detection robots were designed depending on the application.

Human Detector Robot

You just need to have a small transmitting device in your hand, which includes an acceleration meter to transmit an appropriate command to the robot so that it can do.

Gesture Controlled Robot

Jumping robots can overcome obstacles higher than their own height, while robots with wheels or caterpillars cannot. In this paper, a 22.5g frog-inspired small jumping robot.

Leaping Robot Frog

Container then takes advantage of its detectors to compare or study the garbage recovered from the previous waste records & then decides on what has to be done with the trash.

Waste Management Robot

A soccer robot is one kind of mobile or autonomous robot, used to play soccer with variants. Every year there are many tournaments organized like FIRA, and Robocup.

Soccer Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot is an intelligent device that can automatically sense the obstacle in front of it and avoid them by turning itself.

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

This is the best project that can easily be made. Mini Conveyor products offered are the Low Profile (LP) Series small conveyor and the Lite Series small conveyor.

Mini Conveyor


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