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10 No-Brainer Data Science Stocks to Buy

This data science stock offers a SaaS platform for integrating & automating infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, & more for providing real-time observability.

Datadog, Inc.

Alteryz is a provider of data analytics software that empowers data workers to solve problems with a wide range of analytics and data science tools.


Elastic N.V. is focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to search through a vast amount of real-time data such as structured and unstructured data for multiple applications.

Elastic N.V.

C3.ai is a SaaS company whose software allows companies to deploy large AI and machine learning applications.


Applied Materials, Inc. provides manufacturing equipment, services, and software to the semiconductor, display, and related industries.

Applied Materials

New Relic, Inc. is a SaaS data science stock company offering a wide range of products for effective data management and different data types.

New Relic, Inc.

The company allows organizations to manage electronic agreements with artificial intelligence.


Snowflake Inc. is offering a cloud-based data platform known as Data Cloud to allow users for consolidating real-time data into driving meaningful in-depth insights.

Snowflake Inc.

Palantir Technologies can deploy software platforms for assisting in counterterrorism investigations and operations.

Palantir Technologies

Teradata Corporation is providing a connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics. 

Teradata Corporation


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