10 Biggest Data Centers Around The World

The data center was established only a year back to sustain the business boom initiated and progressing rapidly in China.

Range International Information Group

The Switch data center at Las Vegas was leading the list of the biggest data center for quite some time. The center has a capacity of around 3.5 million square feet.

Switch SuperNAP

Presently, it occupies six  such buildings which collectively serves around 1.6 million square feet for the data space. DFT is not having any plans for expansion as of now.

DFT Data Center

The data center is used for monitoring, strengthening and protecting the nation against any of the data theft. Currently, the data center is operating at full capacity.

Utah Data Center

The big giant Microsoft has announced it’s another big data center back in 2014, and since then the data center work has been going on. 

Microsoft Data Center

Trust is the key to run the Lakeside Technology Center, which is an epicenter for numerous diverse businesses counting Century Link, Facebook, and IBM.

Lakeside Technology Center

Leading Indian telecommunications service provider, Tulip Telecom launched the Asia’s biggest data center at Bangalore, the tech city of India.

Tulip Data Center

The center was established in 1954. For several years it was used as the distribution center for the Sears Southeast province.

QTS Metro Data Center

The Next Generation Data center was established way back in 1998. The data center is still the biggest in Europe with a capacity around 750,000 square feet.

Next Generation Data Europe

Switch, a worldwide prime player in design and execution segment for data centers launched its first data center at Citadel – Tahoe Reno, Nevada in 2017.

The Citadel


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