RIP full form | RIP Meaning | Full Form and Meaning of RIP

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If you use social media, then the word RIP or RIP must have been seen or heard somewhere. Because often people use this word only on social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc.

RIP full form, RIP Meaning, Full Form and Meaning of RIP, How did the word RIP originate, RIP Meaning in Hindi, Other full forms of RIP, full form of RIP
Full Form and Meaning of RIP

When people hear about it for the first time, they get worried that hey brother, what a new terrible word they saw for the first time. Well this is not a big deal, even I had seen it for the first time, then immediately searched on Google “RIP meaning and RIP Full Form” and then I came to know that it is not that difficult word. As much as it seems.

Today in this post, we will know about this word in detail, so if you also want to know RIP Meaning (RIP Meaning in Hindi), RIP full form, meaning of RIP, then complete this post carefully Read it.

First of all let me tell you that RIP is a short from i.e. it has long-form or full form, through which it is known that what is the meaning of this word. Therefore, to understand better, first of all we will know the full form of RIP and after that, we will know what is the meaning of RIP (RIP Meaning). So without wasting time let’s know about it.

RIP Full Form (Full Form and Meaning of RIP)

The full form of RIP is Rest In Peace. If you use the internet and are connected to social media, then you must know that new words are always being generated on social media and the trend of new things keeps ongoing. The first choice of every internet user is social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram etc.

People use the short form a lot in social media, for example, good morning is written as Gm, good night as Gn, Gd ni8, and Brother as bro. There are two reasons behind using short form, one is it saves time and second it becomes fashion or style.

The short form of some words becomes so popular that gradually it is being used outside the social media i.e. in everyday life, even in ordinary speech, like brother, people write bro in short, now this bro is on social media. The word is so popular that people use it even in simple speech like this – Hey bro what’s us, how are you bro.

Similarly, a new word “RIP” has been generated by the people on social media itself which is a short form and its full form is as follows-

  • R – Rest
  • I – In
  • P – Peace

That is, RIP – Rest In Peace

So this was the full form of RIP. Wherever people have to say or write “Rest in Peace”, especially on social media, people do not write such long words and just write it in short form as RIP.

This happened in its full form, but we did not know that what is the meaning of RIP, after all, why and when people write or speak RIP, what do they express by writing RIP i.e. Rest In Peace? So now let’s know about it too.

RIP Meaning | Meaning Of RIP

If you have noticed, then you must have found that on social media, this word “RIP” is written in the same post which is about the death of a person or the post in which information about the death of a person is given.

Everyone writes RIP in the comment of the post in which the person’s death is known. Therefore, one thing becomes clear from all these things that this word is used in the post, tweet or talk related to someone’s death. Now let me tell you its meaning-

RIP (Rest In Peace) means the peace of the soul, that is, when we have to express condolences on the death of a person and say that God give peace to his (the dying) soul, then in English we say ” Rest in Peace” which means that his soul may rest in peace.

When someone dies, we wish his soul to rest in peace and say the same thing, but if you want to say the same thing in English if you want to wish in English, then say “Rest In Peace” i.e. RIP.

Rest means rest and peace means peace. If you try to translate Rest in peace according to their words, then it will not mean what I am telling (peace be in peace to the soul) but in true sense meaning is what I have told you above.

RIP is a sensitive word used to express condolences on one’s death and wish for the peace of his soul. If this word is used for a living person, then it will hurt the feelings of that person, he will feel bad.

How did the word RIP originate?

Now you must be thinking that after all there must be some source from where this word originated? So the answer is yes. Let me tell you about it-

When someone dies in Christianity or English, he is buried and on his grave it is written “Rest in Peace” and that is where the word originated.

Because slowly English is becoming very popular and English is being written and spoken by many people, so rest in peace has also been made quite popular by all of us. And this word is now used by those who speak or write other languages.

Social media has contributed a lot behind the origin of this word and its becoming so popular because even after becoming a popular word, it is used more on social media.

Here you have read about the Hindi meaning and definition of RIP, Hindi translation of RIP, full form of RIP. You also learned the right spoken pronunciation of RIP in Hindi and the English language.

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Other full forms of RIP

Below are some other full forms of RIP –

  • Return If
  • Research in Progress
  • Recovery Is
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Read in Private
  • Request in Process
  • Rate Image Processor
  • Rapid Install Package

FAQ Related to RIP

Where is RIP used?

RIP is used for the peace of the dead person’s soul.

What is the meaning of RIP?

The meaning of the word RIP is (rest in peace).

Why is RIP used?

When a person dies, the word RIP is used for the peace of his soul.

Rip full form in Highway Department

The full form of RIP in Highway Department is rest in peace.


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