Free Solar Panel Registration 2021| Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana Registration

Through free solar panel registration , now farmers of the country can get other income apart from their income. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now started the free solar panel scheme to double the income of the farmers. Under this scheme, the objective of doubling the income of the farmers of the country by the year 2022 has been set. Under this, all the marginal farmers of the country will get benefits. To take the benefits, the candidate farmer has to register online. Under the Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana, special facilities are being given to the farmers, first those farmers who use diesel for irrigation, now they can easily irrigate without diesel by using solar panels and secondly by installing solar panels. and you can sell the excess power to the government or power companies.

Free Solar Panel Registration | Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana Registration, Free Solar Panel Registration 2021

Free Solar Panel Registration 2021

The Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme will be operated by the Ministry of Renewable Energy. Under this, only farmers residing in rural areas can take advantage of the scheme. Also, if you install solar panels in your fields, then you can get an additional 6 thousand rupees from your income every month. 

Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana was announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on 1 February 2020 . Under which 20 lakh rural farmers will be given the benefit of the scheme. The Solar Panel Scheme has also been named as Kusum Yojana. Today, through our article, we will tell you how you can apply online to take advantage of the scheme and will share more information related to the scheme with you, read till the end of the article to know the candidates.

Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana 2021 Highlights

Scheme namefree solar panel scheme
Who startedBy PM Narendra Modi
Announcement1 February 2020
Department Nameministry of renewable energy
beneficiarycountry’s rural farmers
ObjectiveProviding additional income facility to farmers
Budget50 thousand crore
Application twistonline turn
official website

Documents Required for Free Solar Panel Yojana

Documents Required for Free Solar Panel Yojana

To do free solar panel registration, candidates also need some documents, information about all those documents is being given below in the article. Candidates have to keep all these documents in advance. If the applicant does not have any document then they will not be considered eligible to take the benefit of the scheme.

  • Aadhar card
  • All necessary documents related to land (Khasra Khatauni)
  • Identity card
  • Ration card
  • Pan card
  • Manifesto
  • Bank account number
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana

The list of all those benefits which are available to the candidates of the state through Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana is given below in the article.

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana

1 . Farmers who are farmers of rural areas can install solar panels in their fields . For this 60 percent payment will be done by the government and 40 percent will be paid by you.

2 . 30 percent will be given by the central government and 30 percent by the state government.

3 . About 20 lakh farmers of the country will be given the benefit of the scheme.

4 . The income of all the farmers will be increased through the scheme.

5 . By installing solar panels, you can sell electricity to the government or non-government company.

6 . Earlier farmers used to use diesel for irrigation, which cost a lot. Now you will not need to buy fuel for irrigation.

7 . If you install solar panels in your fields, then you can get additional income up to Rs 6000 in addition to your income.

8 . A target has been set to double the income of farmers by the year 2022.

9 . Farmers can grow small crops like vegetable pulses under the solar plant.


PM Solar Panel Free Yojana 2021

Announcing the scheme by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, a budget of 50 thousand crores has been made for this. Under which, in the first phase, 17.5 solar panel -powered equipment will be arranged. By the year 2022, all the irrigation devices that run on diesel or electricity will now be run from solar panels. To install these solar panels, farmers should have 1 acre of land in which a 1 mega watt solar plant will be installed. That is, farmers can generate 0.2 MW of electricity in 1 acre of land. Which you can plant in your barren land and you do not have barren land, then you can install solar panels in any land and also you can grow small crops under the solar panel device.

Under the PM Solar Panel Scheme, the government will give 60 percent of the total amount to the farmers to install solar power equipment. Out of which 40 percent will be paid by the farmers themselves. According to the budget by the central government, Rs 48000 has been distributed to the farmers for installation of solar panels for 10 years. Additional funds will be given by the government after the completion of 10 years. Whatever additional electricity will be generated under the Kusum scheme will be taken by the distribution company, in which 30 paise has been fixed for each unit.

PM Solar Panel Free Yojana 2021

What is the purpose of Free Solar Panel Scheme?

As you know, in order to give better condition to the farmers, the Prime Minister has announced to increase their income. The objective of the Solar Yojana has been set to double the income of 20 lakh farmers, which is being attempted by the government. Beneficiary farmers can get additional income of 80 thousand rupees every year. Along with this, the diesel which was used by the farmers on irrigation will also get rid of it. If you install a 1 mega watt solar plant in 5 acres of land, you generate 1 lakh mega watts of electricity annually. With the launch of this scheme, farmers will become self-reliant. And they will be encouraged so that they can contribute better in agriculture in future. This is likely to bring a lot of change in the economic condition of the farmers. And will get the means of income every month. Now farmers can take advantage of the scheme at very low cost.

How to register online for free solar panels?

To take advantage of the scheme, the government has issued the online process, all the interested candidates can complete the registration process by following the given steps.

  • Firstly candidates visit the official website .
  • The home page will open on your screen, you have to read the notification about the scheme in this page which will be given in detail. You read all the guidelines.
  • A nodal agency will be formed by power companies, government non-government companies, under which some rules will be made. After this guidelines will be issued to the candidates.
  • For more information related to Kusum Yojana / Solar Panel Scheme, you can contact the power companies. Or you can contact on the helpline number issued on the official website.

Note – Candidates farmers note that all the candidates who want to apply are informed that many such fake websites have been released. In which you are given about depositing the application fee, you should avoid such fake website. You may contact the Nodal Agencies for more details in this regard.


Important Links –

Solar Panel Free Yojana Official WebsiteClick here

FAQ related to Solar Panel Free Yojana

What is the official website of Solar Panel Free Yojana?

Solar Panel Free Yojana official website of is Mnrekgovkin . We have provided you the link of this website in this article.

What are the benefits of Solar Panel Scheme?

The benefit of solar panel scheme will be given to rural farmers. Under which 30 percent will be borne by the state government and 30 percent by the central government. So that you can easily take advantage of solar panel scheme.

What is the objective of the plan?

The objective of the scheme is to increase the income of the farmers. So that the condition of the farmers is better than before.

How can farmers apply under Solar Panel Scheme?

Farmers can apply online under the scheme, but before that you must read the guidelines issued for the scheme by visiting the official website.

How much additional income can farmers get under Kisan Kusum Yojana?

Under Kusum Yojana, farmers can get an income of Rs 6000 every month i.e. you can get 80 thousand rupees annually.

How can farmers get additional income?

Farmers will sell electricity on the basis of per unit of additional income to non-electric companies, so that the companies will give them money for each unit, so that the farmers will get additional income.

How many megawatts of electricity will be generated by solar panels in 1 year?

A total of 1 lakh MW of electricity will be generated in 1 year by solar panels.

What are the documents required by the beneficiaries to take advantage of solar panel scheme?

To take advantage of the scheme, applicants need documents like identity card, Aadhar card, all necessary documents related to land, bank account number, passport size photo, mobile number, ration card etc.

How many crore budget has been passed under the scheme?

A budget of 50 crores has been passed under the scheme.

How to register online for free solar panels?

The candidates who want to apply under the Solar Panel Scheme will have to wait for some time now because no guidelines have been issued by the government or by the nodal agencies yet. You can contact the electrical companies for more details.

What is the helpline number associated with the scheme?

If you need any information related to solar panel Yojana or you have any problem then you can contact on the helpline number given below.
Helpline Number – 011-2436-0707, 011-2436-0404

Solar panel Yojana Helpline number

Complete information about the solar panel scheme is being given in the article. Apart from this, beneficiaries can also message on the email id.

So as we told you through our article how you can do free solar panel registration and also shared more information related to it with you. If you need any other information or problem under the scheme, then you can message us by going to the comment section below. We will soon answer your questions.

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