Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme | Jal Jeevan Mission (Rural) Scheme

Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme, Jal Jeevan Mission (Rural) Scheme, Fiscal year wise rural water life budget, Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme Objectives, Features of Rural Jal Jeevan Mission, Benefits of Jal Jeevan Mission.

Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme, Jal Jeevan Mission (Rural) Scheme, Fiscal year wise rural water life budget, Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme Objectives, Features of Rural Jal Jeevan Mission,  Features of Rural Jal Jeevan Mission, Benefits of Jal Jeevan Mission.

The Jal Jeevan Mission scheme has been started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, this scheme has been started by the Government of India for the citizens of rural areas, through which water facilities will be made available to them from door to door. On 15 August 2019, the JJM mission was launched by the Modi government to provide water to all citizens. A budget of Rs 3,50 lakh crore has been set by the central government for the implementation of the scheme. Through jal jeevan mission scheme, facilities of clean drinking water will be made available to all citizens. Today we will provide you with complete information about Jal Jeevan Mission through this article. Therefore, to get all the benefits related to the scheme, you should read this article of ours completely.

Jal Jeevan Mission (Rural) Scheme

The main goal of starting the Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme is that there is more than 50 percent of the families living in rural areas have to face water problems. In order to get water, they have to walk for many miles in distant areas, due to which they have to go through many troubles. Keeping all these problems in mind, the Modi government has set a target to provide door-to-door water facilities to all citizens under the JJM Mission.

According to the information available with DDWS, since March 31, 2019, water connection has been provided to 18.33% of rural households, which in total has been provided to 3.27 crore families out of 17.87 crore rural households. By 2024, all the water supply to all the households living in rural areas will be delivered from door to door through pipes.

Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme

SchemeJal Jeevan Mission Scheme
Start of planBy PM Narendra Modi
DepartmentDrinking Water and Sanitation Department 
BeneficiaryCitizens of all rural areas of the country
BudgetRs 3,50 lakh crore
Providing water facilities to citizens living in urban and rural areas
The profitDoor to door water facility available
Official websiteejalshakti.gov.in


Fiscal year wise rural water life budget

The budget was earmarked separately from the year 2019 to 2024 with the participation of the Central and State Governments for a period of 5 years to make the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission a success. The budget is displayed in the list below has gone.

Serial NumberFiscal yearCentral government’s participation in the schemeState Government Participationtotal budget amount
12019-2020 crore 798 lakh rupees15 crore 202 lakh36 crores
22020-2134 crore 753 lakh25 crore 247 lakh60 crores
32021-2258 crore 011 lakh41 Crore 989 LakhRs 100 crore
42022-2348, 708 crore rupees35 Crore 292 Lakh84 thousand crores
52023-24Rs.46,Crore 382 Lakh33 Crore 618 Lakh80,000
6Total amount2,08,6521,51,3483,60,000

Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme Objectives

The main objective of the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme is to provide water facilities at home to all those families living in rural areas who have to go through problems like water. Under this mission of the central government, so far 50 percent of the families have been benefited from the JJM mission. Water facilities will be made available to all the needy families of the country by 2024Jal Jeevan Mission Under this scheme, all the families will get the facility of fresh and clean water through pipe, it is a successful effort to connect every family of the country with tap water through the mission. Work will be done under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to bring water to the villagers. Under this mission of the central government, citizens living in rural centres will get employment opportunities, which will give a new look at their economic status.

Water is that important part of human life, without which a person cannot complete the journey of his life. Water is the most important role for a person to live his life, he can fulfill his needs only when water facility is available in his life. One of the main forms of life is served by water as a special organ.

Features of Rural Jal Jeevan Mission

  • The main goal of Jal Jeevan Mission is to provide domestic working tap connections to all rural households.
  • Along with providing domestic tap connections, management of local water bodies will be encouraged.
  • JJM will ensure functional household tap connection in every rural household
  • Through the scheme, water connections will also be made available to Anganwadi centers, schools, Gram Panchayat buildings, health centers in rural areas.
  • JJM will focus on integrated demand and supply side management of water at the local level
  • To develop piped water supply infrastructure to provide tap water connection to every rural household through JJM mission .
  • Bulk water transfer treatment plants and distribution networks will be set up in the required areas to meet the needs of rural households.
  • In areas where there is a problem of water quality in water, a system of technological intervention will be made available for the prevention of pollution under the Rural Jal Jeevan Mission .
  • Under the Water and Sanitation Mission, work will be done through SWSM (State Water and Sanitation Mission) in the district area of ​​the state .

Benefits of Jal Jeevan Mission

  • Under the Rural Jal Jeevan Mission , women and adolescent girls will get the maximum benefit due to the availability of water in their homes, they will not have to walk miles to fetch water.
  • JJM will play an important role in making the life of women easier .
  • Women will be able to do their work on time if water facility is available in the house.
  • According to JJM , rural households will get freedom from all water related problems .
  • The families of rural areas will be able to get clean and fresh water in the form of taps through this mission.
  • Children will also be made aware about water conservation under the mission to provide water to the coming generation, so that they can conserve water for the future.
  • Under the Rural Jal Jeevan Mission , the source of drinking water in the villages will increase.
  • 19 crore 17 lakh, 20 thousand 832 rural families have been benefitted by the facility of domestic tap connection.
Fund Allocation Eligibility & Criteria

Financial implementation and funding pattern under JJM: The  total estimated cost of JJM is Rs.3.60 lakh crore for which fund sharing between the Center and the State has been earmarked separately by the Central Government for Hilly Region States.

  • Under the Jal Jeevan Mission for the state of Uttarakhand , 90 percent of the fund sharing pattern will be payable by the central government and 10 percent by the state government.
  • For Himachal Pradesh and North Eastern states, 100% fund sharing will be payable by the Central Government.
  • And for the remaining areas, 50 percent will be payable by the Central Government and the remaining 50 percent by the State Government.
  • The constitutional allocation of funds among the states has been modified to include the number of left-outs. Domestic connection will be provided to the rural with 20% weightage and 10% weightage as additional criterion.
  • Permission for more funds will be obtained in the populated areas affected by water quality. 
  • Funds under the State JJM will be used to advance the quality affected areas.
Jal Jeevan Mission Guidelines Jal Jeevan Mission
Scheme PDF – Download Here
Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme Contact Details

All types of information related to the Gramin Jal Jeevan Mission scheme have been shared in this article.

Office Of Mission Director
National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM)
Department Of Drinking Water And Sanitation
Ministry Of Jal Shakti
Government Of India
4th Floor, Pandit Deendayal Antyodaya Bhawan, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003


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